Our Process - Design to Delight - 6 Steps to a Bespoke Landscape

Initial Consultation

The process always starts off with booking a Design Consultation with you at your home, or if it is a future project, at the site to be developed. The meeting is held with Ted Carter, our designer and owner, and the meeting usually lasts about 2 1/2 hours. We charge a nominal fee of $375 for this consultation if you live within one hour of Portland, Maine. Outside of that area the fee is $500.

We can discuss any specific needs you have such as needing to screen a certain area or open up a view, as well as your wishes, needs, like and dislikes about your landscape and your personal tastes.

We then provide you with an abundance of ideas for how you could develop your landscaping, and also provide you with an opportunity to review an expanded portfolio of work.

Concept Design

At this stage a concept design is prepared - this is to be used as a guide and can be altered prior to a full and final design being made. The concept will include a few notes as to potential color of planting etc but is not as highly detailed as the final version will be, should you wish to proceed.

The cost varies depending on the design but an estimate will be given.

Final Design, Permits & Documents

Now you have decided to proceed with a final design and landscape transformation, we need to make sure everything is in order. A final, detailed design will be prepared and any required permits will be obtained from the Town/State. If architects or engineers are required these will also be consulted at this stage and copies of the plan will be given to them as well as yourself - if you do not have an architect but are considering some construction such as a pool house, we are able to provide you with contacts for extremely reliable and high quality companies we have worked with in the past.

The cost varies depending on the amount of work required for permitting but a guide is $125 per hour plus any associated fees incurred in obtaining permits.


Once everything is in order we’ll engage the suppliers, order your materials and simply put...make it happen, hoping to work as unobtrusively as possible. We’re always available to call throughout the project and will also keep you apprised of progress throughout the project.

The cost varies depending on the agreed design (size of property, complexity of work, requirements for sub-contractors) and the materials used. Basic labor costs are $75 per hour.

Project Completion & Stewardship
Once the landscaping has been completed, we will conduct a final on-site inspection and thorough review with you, making any small final changes necessary. We will discuss with you the best options for maintaining your garden as we know that looking after your investment is really important! Once completely satisfied we sign off the project and hand the garden over to you, the client. This begins the life of the garden and with the owners care, the garden will continue to develop and improve over the coming years.
After Care
Ted Carter Landscapes would be pleased to remain in an advisory role, advising on horticultural and maintenance issues and tradesmen recommendations to help direct the gardens journey into maturity. Annual or six monthly visits are encouraged to check on the development of the landscaping. Most plants placed into your property are guaranteed* for a period of 1 year from planting.

* Guarantee relies on best efforts of clients to maintain planting (i.e. watering as needed etc.). Force Majeure is not covered.